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Book Review-Cure, by Jo Marchant

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cure-book-coverWe have a book recommendation to share…”Cure” by Jo Marchant.

photo-jo-merchantfrom hypnosis to meditation, placebos and visualization.

While she is a unique thinker in medicine, she does have a Ph.D. in genetics and medical microbiology. In this book she travels the world to find the latest in mind-body research with a healthy skepticism for “alternative medicine”.  The book is not only informative; it is written in a very entertaining way.  The characters are moving and even inspirational. The topics range from hypnosis to meditation, placebos and visualization.

A quote by the author gives you a glimpse as to why we think this book is so important:
“ When it comes to health, conventional science and medicine tend to ignore or downplay the effect of the mind on the body.  It’s accepted that negative mental states such as stress or anxiety can damage heath long-term (though even this was highly contested until a few decades ago). But the idea that the opposite might happen, that our emotional state might be important in warding off disease, or that our minds might have “healing power” is seen as flaky in the extreme”

Another favorite quote from the book:
“Sometimes the difference between feeling well and feeling awful is simply a matter of where we direct our attention.”

Ms. Marchant balances the value of a good doctor who will spend time with you and your own ability to cure.  She also guides the reader on how to use her findings in your life.

Here is an interview with the author in theguardian

Excerpt from theguardian interview:
Do you feel like you’ve spent the past couple of years in the twilight zone of healthcare?
I feel like I’ve been immersed in a dramatically different perspective on healthcare, that in the future will become a routine component of conventional medicine. At least, I hope it will.