How Many states have Legalized Medical Marijuana? And are we next?

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image of medical marijuana licensed for reuseCould Florida be the next state to have
legalized medical marijuana?

The website: has the chart below outlining the states and the possession limits:

What has been the negative impact of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado?

An article by Newsweek Magazine outlines some of the unexpected side effects.
You can access the entire article…here are some highlights.

  • Passing the amendment gave Colorado just six months to create the legal and regulatory framework for their state.
  • They now have awarded more than 600 licenses to grow medical marijuana and 400 to recreational growers.
  • A Single proprietor may have many licenses to cover: growing, sale & creation of edibles, and products for both medical and recreational use.
There have been some unexpected consequences:
  • Law-enforcement of driving high & illegal movement of product to neighboring states culminating in lawsuits filed by those states.
  • The teen usage has increased
  • Accidental usage by children and pets in the home.
  • School expulsions have risen since the amendment passed as well as the number of homeless.
  • And tourist dollars have moved to pot and away from Colorado’s natural wonders
  • It is a cash business, which can be dangerous; because the state has legalized it while the federal government has not…therefore, you cannot use the federally insured banks for credit transactions.

The tax income in 2015 was over $70M.

What has been the good news about Legalized Marijuana in Colorado?

  • Enforcing marijuana as an Illegal drug has many deleterious effects from the thousands hours of police work arresting, booking and imprisoning otherwise law-abiding citizens to the devastating impact of ruined lives due to the incarceration.
  • The American Civil Liberties Union puts the costs of enforcement on possession at $3.6 billion/year.
  • The enormous failure of the war on drugs. After 30 years, criminalization has had no affect on usage: 30 millions Americans use marijuana every year anyway.
  • The legitimate and positive medical impact. Even in conservative states laws have been passed to allow medical marijuana in the treatment of epilepsy.
  • It is well established as helpful in reliving the pain of Aids and the nausea of Chemotherapy.
  • Legal substances can be controlled in ways illegal products cannot. There is precedence with the control of alcohol with minors. Mandatory drinking age laws have dramatically reduced underage drinking. Cigarette smoking is now lowest it has ever been with high school kids due to tobacco taxes and legislation limiting the age at which one can buy cigarettes.
  • Marijuana is less addictive than tobacco or alcohol, according to a new report in Scientific Reports. It is also significantly less deadly than the two legal substances: tobacco & alcohol.
  • Cannabis has also never been linked to a devastating disease, as has tobacco with cancer and alcohol with cirrhosis.


According to Newsweek Magazine; 2016 will be the Marijuana Election
“The marijuana policy is a topic that 2016 presidential candidates will not be able to avoid or dismiss with a pithy talking point. It is one that candidates will have to think about and engage.” Says the article’s author John Hudak.

Marijuana measures will be on ballots of important swing states
like Florida where candidates look for votes.

Do you know where your candidate stands? As with anything, be an educated voter in our state.

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  1. Greg Barry

    I have sleep apnea and use a C-Pap breathing machine at night. I also have a very annoying time of sleeping properly with insomnia and some times I may get a couple hours of sleep and then I’m awake and constantly tired for the next 18 to 26 hours! (Be tired and cant catch a nap through all those hours, because I have to work for a living wears down you mind, body & the need to carry on…
    I tried some Marijuana to help with my insomnia and about 3 puffs and I slept very comfortable, going into a deep relaxing, revitalizing sleep and feeling great the next day…. but with it not being Legal in Florida…. it made me very paranoid, so about 3 days of that feeling, I threw it away… if it was only legal, I wouldn’t have that feeling that I’m going to get caught,,, then I’d have 2 or 3 good tokes and get a great relaxing nights sleep and alway feel good in the daytime! I really hope one day it will be legal and I hope the DEA will not ban Kratom, because I have chronic pain & my ankles are bone to bone with no cartilage to pad them and the Kratom Herb, that’s been used for centuries for pain is Great, because it doesn’t do anything to your brain like the US pharmaceutical companies distribute (like Percocet, loritab, and other pain relievers do and their all addicting) they only curb the pain, leaves your mind and day in a fog and the addiction make you want more and more while the other ingredients they add to them fry your kidneys and liver! Kratom is good for keeping you organs clean! Western Medicine is for the pharmaceutical companies to get rich selling them and get richer toward the end of you life to sell you another drug to fix what the first medicines helped curb you ailments!
    I want the Natural Herbs that God Out in this Earth to heal us with, No Something Humans had to Modifying so they can make us sicker while charging everyone outrageous amount ms of money to make!!!


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