Dietitians vs. Nutritionists: How To Choose?

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Gulf Coast Holistic and Primary Care offers a reliable source of Holistic Nutritional Treatment in Panama City, Florida

Source: By Kristen Schepker, Contributing Writer – Vol. 13, No. 2. Summer, 2012 of the online journal

Surrounded by a food environment that is arguably more bountiful and less nutritious than ever before, many Americans have a pressing need for access to high-quality nutrition information and nutrition-focused health care practitioners.

But like so many other aspects of health care in this country, meeting this seemingly simple need is fraught with complications.

Almost as extensive as the assortment of foodstuffs available to American consumers is the variety of nutrition service providers. Diverse professionals with varying titles and credentials now vie with each other to offer some form of nutrition counseling or food-based therapy to the health-conscious public.

As the nutrition service professions continue to grow and diversify, it is imperative that those in search of diet-related guidance understand how to navigate the broad and varied network of nutrition providers.
This can be a challenge not only for patients but for physicians as well: How do you find well-qualified, credible nutrition professionals to whom you can confidently refer patients when their specific needs exceed your own nutritional knowledge?

Our Nutritional Treatments Are As Diverse As The Needs of Our Patients

Dr Raquel Skidmore combines her knowledge of Holistic Health Care centered around the body’s own healing power and her knowledge of the latest science and medical treatments, in order to minimize the use of drugs and maximize the potential derived from a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Given the massive burden of disorders caused by poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, the ultimate goals of our practice is to recognize and honor an assortment of nutrition solutions that are as diverse as our individual biochemical compositions.

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