About Dr. Raquel Skidmore

Dr. Raquel Skidmore Integrates Western Medicine with Eastern Medicine: Transitioning to Optimal “Wholistic” Health

By Dr. Raquel Skidmore, MD


When I went to medical school, I noticed that most of the pathology’s cause is “unknown” and the cure is “incurable”, yet they give plenty information in statistics about response to different pharmacological drugs, their side effects, and their prognosis. Most treatments are for life, treat  symptoms only, create more problems than the original and inhibit the innate self-healing mechanism of the body.

After 5 years of frustration working in the emergency room for not being able to help patients the way I wanted to and not being able to give an exact answer to the patient’s important questions … I decided to enroll in a year ‘s training program in Chinese medicine. This is where I learned that every disease has a cause and a cure. I also learned that the basic senses that connect the body to the external world can be utilized for treatment (color therapy = eyes, sound therapy = ears, aromatherapy = nose). I knew right then that this philosophy was going to be my passion for the rest of my life.

The natural yin/yang balance of the body  can get out of balance due to pathological factors like stress, emotions, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, extreme weather and accidents. If the balance is not restored by the body’s innate mechanisms of self-healing the pathological factor is prolonged.  It creates blockages and the life force does not flow adequately. Through the years more layers of blockages are produced that eventually lead to chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, immune diseases, etc. Genetic predispositions play a role in the development of this conditions but not a major role… it is the pathological factors mentioned above.


Acupuncture restores the yin-yang balance and removes the unbalance that created the disease. By placing the needles in the key points the energy travels freely in the correct direction, instantaneously, restoring the yin-yang balance and producing immediate relief with the well being of body, mind and spirit. The number of sessions needed depends on the number of layers of blockages accumulated through the years; for or a mild, brief condition of two weeks or less, one or two sessions may be enough to cure it. For a chronic condition of several years, one or two sessions a week for about 2 or 3 months may be enough to cure it without medications. For maintenance of good energy balance and good health, it would be wise to get acupuncture once a month.

At one point in my life I thought: “well, then all the years invested in becoming a medical doctor were wasted? And what about the lengthy student loan that I still owed?”  Through the years I learned that I needed to combine western medicine with eastern medicine to increase the quality of care of the patients. Sometimes the unbalance is so severe that the symptoms could be life-threatening. So I perform western medicine (medications and procedures), while simultaneously perform acupuncture to remove the blockages and restore the original balance. For longer unbalances I also utilize lab work and image studies to determine how far the unbalance has reached into the body. If all the tests come back normal I know that the unbalance resides at the energetic level only. This explains why patients get frustrated when a doctor tells them that the test results are normal and there is nothing wrong with them when they know all the symptoms they are experiencing. Those Doctors just wait until it shows on the tests for them to treat the symptoms. In my practice we treat the cause!

My conclusion is that not a single part of my journey was a waste but a benefit. My opinion is very reliable since it’s not biased. The western doctor is expected to say that their philosophy is better than the eastern doctor’s philosophy and vice versa. I can say without a doubt that the best approach is a combination of  both. I also say that humanity is shifting their approach to the holistic one exponentially. Their inner knowledge is expanding and turning their backs from the western medicine in comparison with 10 years ago.  I approach medicine with a balance of  eastern & western modalities!